[Event Recap] - Basware Bespoke & Launch of AP Protect

Basware Bespoke took place at the end of April and marked the launch of our latest innovation, AP Protect. Aside from that, during the event, we provided updates on the Basware community, our evolving compliance offering, and what success planning looks like in practice. Read more and watch the highlights below.

Business Update: Basware Outlook for 2024

To kick off our event, our CEO, Jason Kurtz, and CFO, Mara Nurminen, updated us on Basware’s recent developments and the strategic direction for the upcoming months. Not to bury the lead, the focus remains unwavering on enhancing customer value and helping you achieve 100% touchless invoice processing.

To that end, we continue to invest heavily in AI through our solutions, people, and partnerships. 2024 has marked the release of some amazing Basware AI-powered capabilities, but the best is yet to come. We are also investing in the Basware Customer Community and announced our first large-scale customer event since the pandemic: The Basware Premier Customer Event.

Product Innovation: Launch of AP Protect

Next, Perttu Nihit, Basware's Chief Product Officer, launched AP Protect, our latest innovation for protecting organizations against financial losses. The underlying technology behind AP Protect is a tried-and-tested suite of tools that have proven their value to hundreds of organizations and protected over $1.6 trillion in spending.

During the launch, Dea Sozokol-Humay from Roche joined us to explain how AP Protect bolstered the Roche organization since its implementation almost seven years ago.

Thought Leadership: Compliance 2024 and Beyond

Next, Jason and our VP of Global Compliance, Marcus Hornberg, had a wide-ranging conversation about the evolving compliance landscape. They discussed adapting to new government regulations, the strategic importance of proactive compliance measures, and, most importantly, why a holistic perspective is required when tackling this topic rather than a tactical market-by-market approach. 

Success Planning: Customer Interview with Cytiva 

The final segment of Bespoke focused on the importance of strategic value success planning. It featured an interview with Michal Bobyla, Senior Product Manager at Cytiva. Michal discussed Cytiva's successful collaboration with the Basware Customer Success team and how this has significantly enhanced their operational efficiencies and value realization from Basware solutions.


If you want to watch Bespoke's full uncut version, please visit the archived recording here. You can also learn about future events by visiting our event listing page here. 

Finally, the next edition of Bespoke is scheduled for late November. We will have exciting news on a number of product releases planned for early 2025. Registrations will open after the summer, but if you have any feedback regarding this or any other event, please don't hesitate to email customerloyalty@basware.com.

Rob is a dedicated customer experience professional, leading the customer communication and event strategy at Basware. Drawing from insights within the customer base, he is focused on delivering engagements that elevate the customer experience and solidify Basware as a trusted partner.
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