Product Release Notes: Streamline Your Supplier Queries in 2024

We kick off 2024 with a Product update that many of you have been asking for Invoice Status reporting for your suppliers. This new update will increase visibility for your suppliers and reduce the volume of queries your AP has to contend with.

Managing supplier inquiries efficiently is a crucial yet often overlooked aspect of Accounts Payable (AP) operations. Imagine a scenario where your AP team is inundated with an endless stream of supplier queries regarding their invoices. Each of these inquiries demands attention and precise communication, but when they number in the thousands, they not only challenge the efficiency of your AP process but also lead to potential frustration among your suppliers.

This bottleneck can lead to delays in responses, affecting supplier relationships and the overall smooth operation of your business. With our new API Invoice Status Search you can turn suppliers from angry Hulks demanding answers to happy suppliers with immediate access to this data. 


Suppliers can now check their invoice status themselves

As of January, suppliers can run invoice status queries from your supplier portal. All you need to do is integrate your supplier portal with the Basware API - Invoice Status Search. This will then automatically pull through the invoice statuses from Basware AP, providing a fast self-service channel for suppliers. This self-service channel will:

  • Reduce manual work and save time for your employees, as they do not need to handle manually invoice status requests from the suppliers. 
  • Improve the suppliers’ experience by providing them with invoice statuses quickly and at any time of day.

Near real-time invoice data and status information for all invoices in Basware AP is available via the Basware API. This enables searching of invoices in your supplier portal with the following criteria: companyCode, invoiceNumber, invoiceDate and grossSum.

Invoices are visible once they enter Basware AP automation for processing and are shown in the search as  ‘InApprovalProcess’, ‘ReadyForPayment’, ‘Paid’, or ‘Rejected’. 

Additionally, invoice data can be searched through previously introduced APIs with other criteria such as invoice ID, processing status, company code, or last updated date.

basware-invoice-status search-baswareapi-1462x836

To enable this feature for your organization, please get in touch with your Basware consultant or Basware Support

Are you interested in the technical details? Check out the API to explore its functionalities.

Co-creation with customers

The release of this update is a perfect example of our co-creation program in action. This feature was originally requested by a number of customers who were experiencing a high volume of supplier requests.

As part of the development process, we spoke with these customers and shared example mockups to help inform the general release. They were also offered the opportunity to test this new feature in advance of general release.

If you would like to participate in similar pilots sign up for our Basware Ambassadors Club today!

To read more about more about features released in January visit our features release page here

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Hanna has over 15 years experience as a Senior Product Manager. At Basware, she leads the development of our integration and data management capabilities. In particular, her focus is on enhancing the Basware customer experiences through innovations to Basware's cloud services.
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