Product Innovation: Basware Invoice Enrichment, take control of all your invoices

We’re excited to announce the launch of a new solution, Basware Invoice Enrichment. Read more to find out how you can achieve the same level of invoice data quality found in Basware AP for the invoices you are processing directly via your ERP or third-party AP solution.

With complex financial systems in place comprising multiple ERPs and AP solutions, many organizations struggle to achieve accurate visibility across all invoicing channels. Often, these systems lack the power to identify and stop data errors before ingesting the invoice, causing costly delays to invoice processing, something vital to any business’s success and sustainability. This is why we’ve created Basware Invoice Enrichment:

What is Basware Invoice Enrichment?

Basware Invoice Enrichment provides finance departments with increased control over invoices before they enter the AP process. It verifies, adds, and enriches invoice data to ensure only high-quality data is entered into your financial systems.

Basware customers already benefit from Basware Invoice Enrichment through our AP Automation solution. However, suppose you don’t have Basware AP or have additional invoices processed directly via your ERP(s). In that case, Basware Invoice Enrichment is designed to seamlessly integrate and provide you with the same level of control and quality assurance for those invoices.

This is important because managing, verifying, and improving invoice data quality upfront leads to better downstream control over ERP/AP workflows. It also saves your business time and money while mitigating long-term financial risks.

To learn more about Basware Invoice Enrichment's full capabilities, we recommend visiting our dedicated webpage for this solution or contacting your CSM to ask for a demo.

Manager, Product Marketing Satu Hämäläinen is a seasoned technology marketer with over two decades of experience leveraging technical features into business advantages for customers. Passionate about clear customer communication, Satu thrives on spreading the word about Basware's industry-leading AP Automation solutions. With a focus on making life easier for AP departments, Satu is dedicated to transforming touchless invoice processing from a vision into reality.
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