Join Basware’s New Customer Co-Creation Program!

We are thrilled to announce the launch of Basware's new Customer Co-Creation Program, an initiative designed to ensure our products meet your needs and deliver maximum value for your organization. This program represents a unique opportunity for you to directly influence our product development process and help us shape the future of our solutions.

Why Participate in the Co-Creation Program?

  • Influence Product Development: Your insights and feedback will be crucial in developing user-friendly and relevant products, driving increased value for your organization.
  • Early Access: Get a first look at new features and products before they hit the market.
  • Direct Collaboration: Engage in meaningful discussions with our product management team and key stakeholders.

How Does The Program Work?

As part of the program Basware will be announcing will have different opportunities to engage with our product management team. These will span the full product lifecycle across the pre-launch and post-launch stages; see details below:

Pre-launch Stages:
  • Ideation: Join focus group calls to discuss challenges and brainstorm innovative solutions.
  • Design Validation: Provide feedback on solution designs through online meetings or user testing platforms.
  • User Testing: Evaluate product usability and functionality and share your thoughts to guide refinements.
  • Piloting: Test early versions of our products in a live environment and offer insights for final adjustments.
Post-launch Stages:
  • Early Adopters: Be one of the first to use our products and give feedback during the initial rollout phase.
  • Growth: Suggest improvements to enhance existing features and functionalities.
  • Maturing: Share ideas for minor enhancements as the product reaches maturity.

Expectations for Participants:

We seek active and committed participants who can provide insightful feedback and participate in scheduled co-creation activities. Different opportunities will require different members of your organization to engage with us and commit to differing levels of time, but we will be clear from the outset on these requirements.

We would ask that the Basware solution owner or a member of their team be the individual(s) who apply. Once this occurs, our product management team will contact you to discuss this further.

For some opportunities, particularly the pilots, we may have specific criteria, so we cannot guarantee acceptance, but we will endeavor to include as many customers as possible in these opportunities

Rob is a dedicated customer experience professional, leading the customer communication and event strategy at Basware. Drawing from insights within the customer base, he is focused on delivering engagements that elevate the customer experience and solidify Basware as a trusted partner.
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