Enhancing GBS/SSC Efficiency: Unveiling Basware's New AP Workload Management and Performance Insights

In the fast-paced world of Global Business Services (GBS) and Shared Service Centers (SSCs), the challenges of maintaining impeccable service levels while ensuring swift invoice processing are ever-present. This delicate balance necessitates efficient work distribution and continuous process enhancement. But fear not, as Basware, the unrivaled leader in Accounts Payable (AP) Automation, is here to unveil its latest offerings, designed to cater to the unique demands of GBS/SSCs.

Navigating the Challenges: A Glimpse into GBS/SSC Realities

GBS/SSCs face a perpetual struggle to uphold Service Level Agreements (SLAs) and expedite invoice processing. Achieving this demands not just well-allocated tasks, but also the capability to oversee AP teams' outputs and drive holistic improvement. The absence of the right tools and insights can pose significant hurdles.

Pioneering a Solution: Basware's Cutting-Edge Functionalities

As a steward in AP Automation, Basware persists in pioneering innovative solutions to address GBS/SSC needs. Introducing the AP Workload Management feature and the AP Performance Discovery Dashboard, Basware empowers SSC and AP managers with tools to proficiently distribute workloads, track performance, and collect invaluable operational insights.

The AP Workload Management functionality facilitates flexible workload allocation among AP teams, optimizing resource utilization. Managers can now prioritize tasks based on urgency and significance, ensuring SLAs are efficiently met. The inclusion of a pending time indicator offers real-time insights, enabling AP clerks to swiftly identify invoices needing immediate attention to adhere to Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). This functionality streamlines operations and empowers teams to make informed workload decisions.

The Basware Insights AP Performance Dashboard emerges as a powerful tool, allowing AP managers to analyze performance KPIs and team productivity. This dashboard furnishes answers to critical questions such as "What has my AP team done?", granting visibility into team accomplishments and efficiency evaluation. Delving into individual team members' workloads enables managers to understand factors impacting invoice processing. Armed with this intelligence, managers can implement targeted strategies to provide more support for their teams where needed, optimize performance and drive continuous improvement.​

A Promise Fulfilled: Transforming GBS/SSC Landscape

These powerful functionalities signify a pivotal juncture in shared service centre resource management. By furnishing real-time insights, workload management tools, and performance analytics, Basware empowers AP teams and managers to harmonize operations, refine resource allocation, and achieve remarkable outcomes. With these tools, GBS/SSCs can function more efficiently, consistently meet SLAs, and cultivate continuous process enhancement. Ultimately, these advancements elevate overall performance and augment customer satisfaction.

A New Horizon of Efficiency Awaits: Now It All Just Happens

Basware's latest offerings stand as a beacon of hope for GBS/SSCs facing resource allocation dilemmas. With AP Workload Management and AP Performance Insights, Basware opens the door to operational refinement, propelling shared service centers toward exceptional achievement. As industry leaders, we remain committed to supporting your journey towards operational excellence, by bringing a unique combination of true automation, complete coverage, and deeper expertise to make it all just happen for our customers.

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Kevin is a Senior Product Manager specializing in Data and Analytics, with over a decade of experience in the information technology and services industries. As the orchestrator of Basware's data product landscape, Kevin holds end-to-end responsibility for shaping the strategy and roadmap, consistently seeking innovative ways to unlock customer value through data. Guided by the philosophy that visibility is the key to effective action, he launched Basware Insights, delivering in-depth insights for the CFO's team to drive Touchless Invoice Processing.
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