Learn what new innovations we have coming for you in 2024

Basware Bespoke returns next week, November 9th, when we will present a series of innovations arriving in 2024. There will also be sessions discussing how we plan to support you in integrating AI into your financial operations and address the challenges of upcoming invoice compliance mandates.

Basware Bespoke is a 90-minute webinar followed by breakout sessions with our product management team for 30 minutes. To cater to our global audience, we're hosting the event at two different times on November 9th, accommodating European and North American participants. Recordings will be made available post-event to those who cannot attend. 

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Below is a detailed breakdown of the content you can expect:

Session 1 - What's Next in Your Basware Journey

Speakers: Mara Nurminen, Chief Financial Officer, and Mikko Lampi, Chief Professional Services Officer.  

We’ll discuss the strategic shift employed since our change in ownership in 2023. Mara will delve into the strategic actions we’ve taken in the past 12 months and the renewed focus on delivering value for the CFO Office. 

Joining Mara, Mikko will provide insight into the recent changes in the Customer Success and Professional Services teams. He'll explain in more detail how these shifts are designed to provide an enhanced customer experience with faster implementations, better support, and the development of our customer community.

Session 2 - Decoding AI: Maximizing its Impact on Your Financial Operations

Speaker: Perttu Nihti, Chief Product Officer

2023 marked a significant year for AI, with tools like ChatGPT gaining public awareness. Perttu will dispel some of the jargon around AI and explain the practical applications in financial operations. He'll also discuss Basware's ongoing AI initiatives and the solutions already available within our platform that leverage AI and Machine Learning.

Session 3 - Introducing Basware's Latest Acquisition: Glantus

Speakers: Geoff Keating, Glantus' Chief Technology Officer  

In October, we were excited to acquire Glantus Holdings PLC, a market leader in fraud prevention and audit recovery. During this session, Geoff Keating, Glantus CTO, will join us to explain the capabilities Glantus brings to the table, the rising significance of fraud prevention for AP teams, and how this acquisition aligns with our broader product vision in helping you unlock increased value for your AP teams in 2024.

Session 4 - Global E-Invoice Compliance: Staying Ahead of the Curve in '24/'25

 Speakers: Mika Hännien, Senior Product Manager, and Henry Takkula, Senior Offering Manager.

As 2024 approaches, numerous invoice mandates are set to be rolled out. Mika will guide you through the essential updates and potential impacts on financial operations. Together with Henry, they will outline our new compliance services model, ensuring you stay ahead of these new regulations.

After the main event – Product Deep Dives

Don't miss our post-event deep dive sessions covering our core products: AP Automation, Procurement, and Network (Receiving/Sending). Members of the product management team will be available for roundtable discussions regarding their product roadmaps and to answer any questions you may have.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to stay informed on what you can expect next year and unlock the potential of your Basware solution.

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Rob is a dedicated customer experience professional, leading the customer communication and event strategy at Basware. Drawing from insights within the customer base, he is focused on delivering engagements that elevate the customer experience and solidify Basware as a trusted partner.
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