Want to speak with an Industry Analyst?

At Basware, we understand the importance of connecting with industry analysts to gain valuable insights. That's why in 2023, we're committed to delivering increased value to our customers by facilitating these connections.

Why Connect with Industry Analysts?

Industry analysts, such as Gartner, IDC, and Forrester, possess deep expertise and conduct extensive research in the AP/P2P space. By connecting with these analysts, you gain access to their valuable insights, best practices, and industry trends. Here are a few reasons why engaging with industry analysts is beneficial:

  • Cutting-Edge Knowledge: Analyst firms have their fingers on the pulse of the industry. This can enable you to stay ahead of the curve and make informed decisions.
  • Best Practices and Benchmarks: Industry analysts offer benchmarking data and best practice recommendations, allowing you to assess your organization's performance against industry standards and identify areas for improvement.
  • Strategic Guidance: Analysts can provide strategic guidance, helping you navigate complex challenges and make sound business decisions. Their expertise can assist you in aligning your AP/P2P processes with your broader business objectives.

Your Voice Matters

The insights you can provide are highly valued by analysts especially when reviewing Basware’s capabilities and our impact. Here are some of the things they want to discuss with you:

  • Real-World Validation: Analysts rely on customer experiences to validate and verify the capabilities and benefits of Basware's AP/P2P solutions, gaining firsthand knowledge of the value delivered.
  • Use Cases and Success Stories: Customer stories and use cases illustrate how Basware's capabilities have transformed AP/P2P processes, showcasing practical applications of our solutions.
  • Product Functionality and Innovation: Feedback from customers offers insights into Basware's product functionality, usability, scalability, and effectiveness, aiding analysts in evaluating capabilities and future innovations.
  • Industry-Specific Insights: Sharing industry context, pain points, and how Basware's solutions address specific needs provides analysts with a deeper understanding of our capabilities within various sectors.

Our commitment to Connecting You:

At Basware, we recognize the importance of staying informed and empowered in the AP/P2P domain. That's why we are committed to facilitating connections between our customers and industry analysts. In 2023, we are offering a unique opportunity for you to engage with these analysts at no cost to you.

How to Get Started:

To begin your journey of connecting with industry analysts, simply fill out the form here - https://info.basware.com/en/customer-analyst-interview

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