Upcoming Customer Events in May

In April, we had a busy schedule of events, with Basware Bespoke being the highlight. Looking forward to May, we continue with 3 great customer events focused on helping outline how you can increase visibility across your financial processes, protect your bottom line, and future-proof against upcoming compliance requirements.

May 8th - Innovation Session: Introduction to Basware Insights

Time: May 8th, Wednesday at 4 PM CEST / 10 AM EDT
Duration: 60 minutes
Overview: This session will introduce participants to Basware Insights, our advanced analytics solution that is a robust process discovery tool.

Key Takeaways

  • Clear understanding on the value creating visibility within the AP process can have on your touchless invoice processing objectives.
  • How Basware Insights looks to address these challenges through multiple dashboards
  • Live Demonstration of the Insights Tool
  • Overview of the implementation process and key considerations 

May 22nd - Monthly Solution Value Presentation: AP Protect

Time: Wednesday at 4 PM CEST / 10 AM EDT
Duration: 30 minutes
Overview: Discover how our new suite of Over-Payment and Fraud Prevention tools, AP Protect, can transform your financial operations.
Key Takeaways
  • Improving your bottom line.
  • Enhancing your ROI.
  • Minimizing risks through advanced detection techniques.
  • A live demonstration of our reporting functionalities will also be included in this session.

May 29th - The Global Challenge in Financial Operations: Managing Complexity, Ensuring Compliance

Time: Wednesday at 5 PM EEST (10 AM EDT)
Duration: 60 minutes
Speakers: Markus Hornburg, SVP Global Compliance, Basware, and experts from Ardent Partners
Overview: This session will address the escalating complexities and compliance requirements in global supply chains.
Key takeaways :
  • Strategies to navigate diverse global invoicing regulations and compliance standards.
  • Insights into how non-compliance can affect your business and supplier relationships.
  • Best practices to enhance invoicing sophistication and agility.
You can see additional events Basware is participating in, including in-person events, on our events page here.


Rob is a dedicated customer experience professional, leading the customer communication and event strategy at Basware. Drawing from insights within the customer base, he is focused on delivering engagements that elevate the customer experience and solidify Basware as a trusted partner.
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