Product Update: SmartPDF can now deliver 90%+ automatic invoice capture

SmartPDF represents a significant leap in AP automation technology. In this article, we provide more context for where SmartPDF sits within our suite of data capture products and provide a video of the latest functionality, SmartPDF Self-Validation. 


How Basware supports customers, invoice ingestion needs

Basware offers 3 core services for invoice ingestion; e-invoice, CloudScan and SmartPDF. These offer the ability for customers to ingest invoices in whatever format their suppliers are able to deliver their invoices 

  • e-Invoice - Delivers the highest data quality, is the fastest, and is fully automated.
  • CloudScan - Supports handling of paper invoices or PDFs vis OCR and is highly manual.
  • SmartPDF - Focuses on automation of PDFs and removes reliance on OCR.

Overview of SmartPDF

SmartPDF is Basware's innovative solution for Accounts Payable teams. It bridges the gap for how you can manage your suppliers who have not fully transitioned to e-invoicing by converting suppliers emailed PDF invoices into real e-invoices. 

SmartPDF uses an intelligent algorithm to determine the layout of the invoice – it it does not matter if they are machine-readable or image PDFs. These invoices are then sent through SmartPDF, where with our state-of-the-art artificial intelligence (AI) technology or templates convert them into real e-invoices, without data errors or delays.

New Self-Validation functionality

The latest addition to SmartPDF now includes self-validation functionality. This feature allows users to easily correct exceptions in the invoice data, thereby training the AI to recognize and process similar data automatically in the future. This enhancement significantly reduces manual intervention, streamlines the validation process, and improves overall data accuracy.

TODAY with SmartPDF once self-validation is activated for a customer, on average +92% of invoices are processed automatically.

Below is a video from a recent demonstration of this functionality:

Common Questions about SmartPDF

How does SmartPDF differ from traditional OCR? SmartPDF is specifically built to extract data from PDF invoices, handling both machine-readable and image-based formats, unlike OCR, which is more suited for digitizing paper documents.

Can SmartPDF handle invoices in different languages? Yes, SmartPDF supports multiple languages, ensuring global applicability.

Is SmartPDF suitable for businesses of all sizes? Absolutely, SmartPDF is scalable and can be effectively utilized by small businesses and large multinational corporations.

Can I have SmartPDF enabled while still using other invoice channels? Yes, we provide you with multiple channels to ingest your invoices, but our long-term objective is to help you remove all invoices from Cloudscan and the need to use OCR.

I have SmartPDF, how do I turn on the self-validation functionality? Implementing SmartPDF with self-validation requires a new project. This is true even if you have a pre-existing version of SmartPDF implemented.

Want to Learn More?

SmartPDF represents a significant leap in AP automation technology. With the new self-validation feature, Basware continues to lead in providing cutting-edge solutions tailored to meet the diverse needs of its global customer base. 

To learn more we recommend contacting your CSM today or alternatively completing this contact form here.


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