Product Release Notes: Procurement Platform highlights in February releases

As we step into the new year, we're excited to present the first set of highlights from our January & February releases, focused on enhancing your experience in Basware Procurement. Dive into these updates, designed to bring more control and efficiency to your daily interactions.

1. Self-Service Punchout Setup: 

In our commitment to providing more autonomy, we've empowered buyer administrators with the ability to add new punchouts (external webshops) in Product Manager as a self-service. This offers more independence for Integrated shopping experience customers familiar with external webshop setups, allowing you to shape your shopping environment to your preferences.
  • Configuration details must be verified with the supplier before initiating the punchout setup
  • To activate the Agent punchout agreement feature, please reach out to Basware support.
  • Supplier registration in the Marketplace is a prerequisite.

2. Enhanced Visibility in Quick Source: 

Quick Source now offers enhanced visibility with two new sections—Quotes and Responses. These sections provide valuable insights into the number of suppliers quoting and those responding by withdrawing the quote.
  • When the supplier withdraws from quoting back to the request raised by the requestor, or first quotes and then withdraws the quote, it will be counted as a response and displayed in Quick Source.
  • The Responses page includes separate sections to highlight suppliers who have withdrawn from quoting.
  • If a supplier quotes and subsequently withdraws, they will be listed in the Quotes section with a Withdrawn label.

3. Tools for Power Users: Effective & Configurable Task Lists: 

We have enhanced the user experience for purchase business users who manage tasks daily. Notable features include:
  • Desktop-optimized power user view for purchase requisition, purchase order, and goods receipt tasks.
  • Improved sorting, filtering, and searching capabilities provided by the power user view.
  • Configurable task lists allow users to tailor available columns based on their preferences.
  • Users can now easily modify the order and visibility of columns, ensuring a personalized and efficient workflow. To enable the power user view, access the feature through User Settings.
Feel free to actively explore these features and engage with Basware for a seamless and enriched experience. For detailed information on these updates and more, visit our features page.
Here's to a year filled with enhanced efficiency and user-friendly experiences!
Senior Product Manager, R&D Procurement As a Senior Product Owner in Procurement Product Management at Basware, Taija Björklund leads the development of innovative and user-friendly procurement solutions. With nearly a decade of experience in product management, Taija brings extensive expertise to her role. Beginning her career in the IT industry in 1999, she has gained valuable insights into various domains and technologies. She is passionate about creating a great customer and user experience, always striving to deliver solutions that make procurement easy and efficient.
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