May Product Release Notes: Enhancing Efficiency and User Experience Across Basware

The May 2024 release demonstrates a strong focus on optimizing user experience and improving platform functional capabilities. These enhancements streamline existing processes and introduce new functionalities that respond to user needs and market demands.

Optimization of Reporting Tool Structure

In the Reporting module, the "supplier_service_subscription" column has been deprecated from several reports, including Inbound and Outbound Invoices Reports and Inbound and Outbound Rejection Reports. This change is part of an ongoing effort to optimize and streamline the structure of reporting tools, making reports more relevant and easier to use.


Invoice Automation Improvements

The Invoice Automation module sees the addition of a "Use SmartCoding" button, which becomes available when an invoice does not yet have coding. This enhancement is especially useful when SmartCoding proposals are not generated due to initial invoice validation failures. Users can now correct the invoice and subsequently use the SmartCoding button to generate coding proposals, enhancing efficiency in invoice processing.


Enhanced Matching in Match Orders

Basware has improved the automatic matching of invoices with consolidated purchase orders in the Match Orders module. Now, the system can detect if any referenced purchase orders remain unmatched and move the invoice to the manual flow for further review. This feature ensures that all purchase orders are accounted for, reducing errors in the matching process.


Marketplace Module Enhancements

Significant updates have been made to the Marketplace module, so in your Punchouts you can now configure and pass additional values, such as ship-to-location information, ensuring that catalogs displayed are relevant and items can be delivered appropriately. This functionality is managed through a new "Additional Information" section in the Punchout agreements.


Professional Views for Spend Plan Search:

The Spend Plans module now offers a desktop-optimized list and details view for searching spend plans. This new professional view allows users to see more information at once and perform actions directly from the list page, enhancing usability and efficiency.


New Basic User Rights in Invoice Automation

Two new basic user rights, "View your invoices" and "View your spend plans", have been introduced. These rights are designed for business users such as invoice and spend plan reviewers and approvers, allowing them to access documents without the need to review them. This change helps streamline the workflow by ensuring that only relevant users are involved in the review process, thus saving time for both AP clerks and business users.


Customers are encouraged to contact their Basware consultant or Basware Support for more information or to enable these new features. And to review the full release timeline here.

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