Update on Poland and Romania Invoice Mandates

We continuously add new country extensions to our e-invoicing mandate coverage. In this article, you will find more information on upcoming mandates with specific news on Poland and Romania.

Multiple mandates on the way 

In 2024-2025 alone, governments worldwide are implementing numerous e-invoice and tax compliance mandates, with even more anticipated in the coming years. At the recent Basware Bespoke event, we discussed staying ahead of these global mandates.

Evolving and expanding our mandate support

We continuously add new country extensions to our e-invoicing mandate coverage, tailored to our customer needs. Basware provides insights into these mandates, their impact on your financial operations, and how our compliance services are evolving to support you. We're your one-stop-shop for Networked AP, including global tax compliance & e-invoicing mandates.


The next big ones: Poland & Romania

While the French reform was expected to be the major change for 2024, priorities have shifted due to the French government extending the mandate deadline.


The Polish government has mandated that all B2B invoices will need to be exchanged electronically. All taxable persons with a place of business or fixed place of business in Poland will be required to issue and receive e-invoices in line with the Polish tax regulations.

Following a voluntary trial period that took place in 2022, the mandatory use of the centralized platform called KSeF begins on July 1, 2024, except for taxpayers exempt from VAT, who have a deadline of January 1, 2025.

KSeF will be used to register all invoices sent, and it can also be used by receivers to collect purchase invoices. At this time, B2C transactions are excluded from the mandate.


The EU Council has approved Romania's proposal to introduce e-invoicing to resident and non-resident businesses that are VAT registered in Romania and operating in Romania.

The proposal states implementation will start in July 2024, preceded by the e-Reporting mandate for B2B domestic transactions from the beginning of January 2024. Penalties for non-compliance start on April 1, 2024.

The B2B mandate replaces most e-Reporting, incorporating a centralized platform for issuing and exchanging invoices. This means invoices must be registered via the government platform before reaching the recipient.

The general rollout of mandatory e-invoicing for all taxpayers from July 2024 follows B2G sending and receiving requirements from 2021-2022 and B2B issuing of invoices via e-Factura on limited high fiscal risk products. The current timelines are fairly short, so possible amendments and clarifications might be expected.

And it does not end there...

The global mandate landscape undergoes changes almost every week, making it resource-consuming to follow. We keep up and offer insights into upcoming e-invoicing mandates. Request the latest version from your Basware contact or follow our Basware LinkedIn account for monthly updates.  

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Full coverage in LATAM

Exciting news! We expanded our country coverage based on customer requests. We now offer complete B2B and B2G mandate coverage in LATAM, including e-invoicing compliance for countries like Colombia, Costa Rica, and Uruguay - just to mention a few.

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