Dive Into the Future of Invoice Ingestion: Upgrade from Scan & Capture to SmartPDF AI!

Make your 2024 hassle-free – move from Scan & Capture to our advanced AI-powered SmartPDF for touchless invoice processing. No more slow OCR processes! We've recently offered Scan & Capture customers an upgrade to SmartPDF, our unique AI-based invoice ingestion tool. If you haven't taken advantage of this offer yet, here's why you should:

Why upgrade from Scan & Capture?

You’ve achieved great automation with Scan & Capture by making your operations paperless, requiring no more manual keying-in, and successfully digitizing invoice data for your AP processes. However, you may have also experienced that the external validation of OCR data slows down your invoice processing and still involves manual checks.

SmartPDF is a solution that now solves this challenge and removes the need for OCR. Through the use of AI technology, trained on over 21 million global invoices, SmartPDF can process up to 92% of PDF invoices automatically. The remaining 8% represent unique suppliers that the AI has not yet encountered but will be trained through your guidance, other customers, and us, to recognize.


What SmartPDF offers:

SmartPDF streamlines invoice processing by allowing suppliers to send PDF invoices from various systems to a single email. These PDFs are treated as electronic invoices, boosting automation rates and cutting costs.

Unlike the outdated technology of traditional OCR, Basware’s SmartPDF solution is specifically designed to ensure that data in a PDF invoice maintains its original quality. The extracted data is then transformed and seamlessly integrated into the receiver’s Accounts Payable or ERP system.

Even if your suppliers send non-machine-readable PDF invoices (images as a PDF), it doesn’t matter, Basware SmartPDF handles all formats. It detects the document type and automatically employs the right technology to convert all received PDF invoices into e-invoices.

What is changing?

Switching to SmartPDF means using only one channel for all your PDF invoices going ahead. Your suppliers will send their invoices to one email address, where SmartPDF steps in.

An average delivery time of automated invoices to your AP or ERP is counted in minutes rather than many hours or even days with Scan & Capture. And reaching over 90% automation of capture & validation is achievable in a short period. But that is not all, even those frustrating exception invoices that need touching can also be reduced and automated by AI Instant Learning.


What do our customers say?

Customers who have already gone through the upgrade report equal processing volumes with SmartPDF on Day 1, just as they did with optimized Scan & Capture - and it only improves from there.

The switch has been hassle-free, leading to data quality improvements. They’ve successfully avoided late payments and captured discounts better, thanks to faster processing times. They’ve spent less to no time on supplier inquiries, maintaining good control over arrived invoices. They can handle exception invoices with a few clicks and on their own, if they so wish to do so.

"SmartPDF is a really good piece of technology. The small quantity of errors that we find compared to the volume of invoices is impressive!"

Jacob Simon, National Director of Purchasing, RadNet Management, Inc.

Why upgrade now?

  1. Affordable innovation - Get more value for the same transaction price and budget more effectively with annual subscription fees.
  2. Instant efficiency gains - Immediate benefits from enhanced process efficiency and better data quality from the start.
  3. Zero supplier hassles – Onboarding suppliers is as easy as giving them your new email address.

It's time to optimize!


We want to ensure that Scan & Capture users deciding to upgrade can do so quickly to enjoy the benefits as soon as possible.

To make that happen, get in touch with your Customer Success Manager, or request they contact you via this form


An expert in IT-marketing from the field to product marketing and local to global markets for 20+ years. As Senior Manager, Product Marketing for Basware, Anu communicates and positions the e-invoicing services portfolio to all our global markets. Coming from a highly digitized market area, Anu has seen paper invoices turn into e-invoices, both in business and personal, over the last 15 years.
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