Compliance Update: France and Germany have new timelines announced

Attention: Significant Compliance Shake-Ups for France and Germany! Catch up on the new timelines. Don't Miss These Essential Updates That Could Impact Your Business Strategy!

France Pushes Back Its Compliance Timeline

The French Ministry of Finance has announced a revised schedule for implementing the e-invoicing and e-reporting mandates. The critical dates to remember are:

  • Obligation to receive electronic invoices: From September 1, 2026: All companies, whatever their size.
  • Obligation to issue electronic invoices and transmit e-reporting information: From September 1, 2025: Large companies From September 1, 2026: Medium-sized companies From September 1, 2027: SMEs and micro-enterprises
For more information on the new timeline Olivier Taligault, Basware's Global Mandate Program Lead,  has written a more detailed article that you can find here.

Germany Fast-Tracks its Mandate

The German Ministry of Finance has accelerated the adoption of an e-invoicing mandate for B2B transactions, which initially was set for 2026. This change aligns with the European Commission's ViDA framework and introduces significant updates for businesses:

  • Obligation to receive electronic invoices:
    From January 1, 2025: All companies must be capable to receive e-invoices

  • Obligation to issue electronic invoices :
    From January 1, 2025: Suppliers can now issue e-invoices* without requiring prior consent.
    From January 2027: All Companies with €800K turnover must only send e-invoices. 
    From January 2028: All companies, of any size, must only send B2B e-invoices.

    * e-invoices must be EN compliant (including EN-Compliant EDI)

For a more detailed breakdown on the German compliance timeline read the latest article from Martin Lux, Director of Networking Solutions, here

Recommended Next Steps

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Compliance will be a hot topic for 2024, with Basware providing regular updates on this subject and guidance on how we aim to support all your invoice compliance needs; more to come on this shortly.


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