Step into the Spotlight: Basware's Ambassador Club Calls!

We are excited to introduce the Basware Ambassadors Club, a new initiative designed to empower and celebrate the achievements of our valued customers. This innovative program offers a unique platform for participants to share their success stories, insights, and experiences with a global audience.

As a Basware Ambassador, we'll help you showcase your company's expertise and success in the  Accounts Payable and Procurement domain. As an Ambassador, your organization will gain access to exclusive pilot programs, allowing you to influence the future of Basware's products and services. Your feedback and insights will be crucial in shaping the solutions that drive efficiency and innovation within Basware.

Moreover, we'll provide you the opportunity to attend or speak at both global and local industry events, gaining visibility and recognition as a thought leader. This is not just an opportunity to share your journey but also to inspire others in the field.

Participants in the Basware Ambassadors program will receive dedicated support from a Basware advocacy manager, ensuring a personalized and rewarding experience. Additionally, your involvement will contribute to charitable causes, with Basware making donations based on the activities you participate in.

We encourage our customers to seize this extraordinary opportunity to become a Basware Ambassador. By joining, you not only elevate your professional profile but also contribute significantly to the Basware customer community. 

For more information and to join this exciting journey, sign up on the Basware Ambassadors hub here.

With 20+ years in Marketing, Hannah has crafted and executed global strategies across diverse B2B markets in technology and finance. As a Senior Manager for Customer Advocacy at Basware, Hannah is passionate about communicating the value and efficiency finance leaders achieve by using Basware solutions.
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